The Top 4 Hair Colours of 2014 – Bob + Paige Salon
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The Top 4 Hair Colours of 2014

Just as the seasons change from warm colours of brown and red to cool whites and blues it is the perfect time to try out a new hair colour for yourself. At Bob + Paige Toronto hair salon we have four unique colours we are “dying” to try out. Take on the new colour trends with these fabulous fall finds:

Rose Gold

A new take on sexy strawberry blonde, rose gold has the best of both worlds. Blonde, but not brassy, rose gold has just enough ginger to bring in rich red. This fall to winter colour will give your hair a new vibrancy and warmth ideal when the weather turns cold and dreary. You can take it closer to gold or forward to rose with a deeper red influence depending on your skin tone.

Wheat Blonde

Moving away from the red of rose gold, this blonde tone is natural and buttery perfect for those who want to take their hair a shade or two lighter from dark blonde or even brunette. It is the perfect tone to use as highlights. It will show off those darker brunette roots below for a little contrast to flat, dull brown hair. At the Bob + Paige Toronto hair salon we highly recommend this as the go to low maintenance look, as it will require less touch ups since your roots are meant to shine through.


Warm and brightening bronze will shine a little light on brunettes who want to keep the warmth of the sun throughout the winter. Bronze is a replacement for coppery tones of the past. It brings shine with a natural look ideal for highlights that will bring your hair and your face to life. It is a stolen tone from the classic ombre look that is quickly fading and making way for more traditional highlights for all over colour.

Dark Highlights

It might sound like an oxymoron, but dark highlights steer away from too much contrast and instead focus on adding depth with rich colours such as chocolate or black coffee. It takes away from too deep and dark a hair colour and allows for a more natural look that adds texture with warmer tones. As with wheat blonde, dark highlights offer a low maintenance look requiring less touch ups. The look is more subtle and will not draw too much attention to your roots. All of these colour choices and more are available at the Bob + Paige Toronto hair salons.