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The Most Low Maintenance Haircuts EVER

Need to get up and go? Master Stylist Frank Calandrino shares the best haircuts with least amount of maintenance (and which ones to avoid!)

If you have medium to fine hair with very little wave, your morning routine is probably quite straightforward. This hair texture allows you to achieve pretty much any hairstyle you want with not a lot of work.

And if that’s not you? Read on.

If your hairdresser spends 30 to 40 minutes styling your hair, it’s safe to assume that you probably didn’t choose a haircut that will be easy for you to maintain at home. If you’d prefer not to spend a lot of time with hot dryers and styling tools – and have any texture in your hair i.e. it’s not dead straight – you’ll want to stay away from the following:

Avoid The Straight Bob!

taylor swift wearing straight bob hairstyle


Bobs works best with hair that has little to no texture. Turning thick curly hair (for example) into a pin-straight bob is going to be a ton of work. When you have a bob, the hair on the nape of the neck is only about 1-3 inches long so it’s tough to manage. For you to style something easily at home, the length of the hair needs to comfortably fit into the brush and it’s likely this one won’t.

Avoid Above-The-Shoulder Haircuts

above the shoulder hairstyle


Above the shoulder hairstyle


Unless you’re committed to frequent trips to the salon, short or mid-length cuts can look like you’re awkwardly growing out your hair in a bowl cut every few weeks. Chin-length tresses require the most amount of styling and haircuts, whereas anything sitting at the shoulder or longer doesn’t need as much work.

Still, the idea of a completely easy, “no maintenance” haircut is a bit misleading. No matter what length cut you opt for, everything requires a little bit of maintenance. It boils down to how much time and effort you realistically want to spend in maintaining your style.

Here are a few styles that will definitely get you out the door faster:

The Short Pixie

michelle williams wearing short pixie hairstyle



The easiest haircut for a quick everyday routine is the short pixie, but it has to be really short and works best on hair that isn’t wavy. The at-home care is simple, but in order to look sharp you will need to cut it on a monthly basis. So, needing to invest in more regular haircuts is the caveat here.

To style this look, I recommend a balm or hair cream designed for short hair — like Layrite Pomade — to keep your strands tidy. Men used to be the ideal consumer of Layrite Pomade but now, with hair trends changing, many women have picked up this fantastic product too.

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Just Below Your Shoulder

below the shoulder hairstyle


This one requires the least amount of salon visits, offers simple upkeep at home, and works well on pretty much any hair type. The moment you go above the shoulder though, you’ll have to straighten it to achieve a bob or use a wand to add wave (but, these do look quite awesome when curly).

If your tresses rest below the chin, your style can look a bit more undone which is fine. However, if your strands rest above the chin, your hair will require blow-drying.

And if your hair is naturally curly? This style will leave your curls sitting very high and voluminous unless you choose to tame them with a blow dry. If you straighten short curly hair, it will definitely react to the first sign of humidity — and nothing feels worse than hair that used to be in a straight style stubbornly maneuvering into its own spontaneous shape!

Long story short: curly-haired women will absolutely benefit from adding layers.

Long Hair

Lily Aldridge wearing long hairstyle

Harper’s Bazaar


Long hair is the most versatile: you can curl it, let it air dry, blow dry it… if you have a good cut and some layers, all of these become especially easy.

When women have babies and come to me with the urge to chop their hair off, I tend to talk them out of it. The “after-baby bob” is generally a bad idea because new moms most likely won’t have the time or energy to style it. Yet with long hair, you can easily throw it up into a ponytail which is honestly quite practical for a new parent. At the end of the day, I try to personalize the haircut to the person in order to fit into their lifestyle and make it easier!

A Few More Tips To Make Your (Hair) Life Easier:

No matter how straight your hair is, you still have to flat iron it for a sleek look.

Summer is a great time for air-dried looks; winter requires more drying and work.

In the summer, you can get away with a rough blow dry or even air dry. Some women will blow dry one day, and the next day just put a wand or flat iron through it. This way, the hair evolves in phases so you aren’t doing it all in one sitting. It’s an efficient way to style since you’re not subjecting your hair to so much heat in one go.

Only planning to buy one product? I recommend a moisturizing cream applied from mid-shaft to ends so you’re moisturizing your hair with no hold or stickiness. With a moisturizing cream, towel-dried hair will react to styling better, and lay smoother with less frizz or flyaways.

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Whenever you get frustrated attempting to style your hair, dryness is usually the culprit. When hair is dry, it will refuse to cooperate with you, so keeping your hair healthy and moisturized should be a top priority. My favourite products for this are Oribe Balm D’or or Kerasilk Control Smoothing Fluid by Goldwell.

Want a great cut that’s easy to manage? Make an appointment at bob + paige salon!