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The 5 Best Celebrity Hair Styles of 2015 & How You Can Get The Same Style

Are you on the hunt for a new look? Let’s take a quick peek at some of the celebrity giants to see how they styled their hair in 2015. You can pick and choose your favourite style – or maybe combine a couple different styles – for a hot modern look. Let’s see what it takes to get the hair for yourself and see how your local stylist in Toronto can help you rock the look!

Emma Stone: Vintage Blond

The vintage blond look never goes out of style. When combined with Emma Stone, the end result is a truly amazing look that defies the generations and transports us back in time. With bangs and curled hair, the vintage blond look requires some daily styling unless you are naturally blessed with curly hair and a fantastic local salon like bob + paige salon.

Ariana Grande: High Ponytail

Ariana Grande is going beyond being a singer and actress with this amazing ponytail rarely seen in Hollywood. Perfectly matching the shape of her face, the high ponytail adds height and matches having her hair pulled back. Requiring nothing more than long hair, the style of high ponytail works well when done neatly. In addition, beware this hairstyle if you have either an elongated oval or rectangular face.

Kate Middleton: Bangs

While Kate Middleton’s bangs may not have impressed the British public, they did make a splash across the pond. Rocking a classic look, Kate Middleton brings back bangs in an elegant and fashionable way. Perfect for those who have longer hair, bangs can be a great way to spice up a hairstyle and can easily be done by a professional hair stylist.

Lily Collins: Boyish Pixie

Boyish Pixie cuts are back in style thanks to trailblazers like Lily Collins who rock the style. With this asymmetrical cut, Lily Collins provides a short style that fits perfectly for women with oval or heart-shaped faces. As many hair salons have caught on to the trend, it is pretty easy to find someone who can do your hair this same justice.

Karlie Kloss: All Over Layers

Karlie Kloss manages a free and spirited hairstyle through layering all throughout the hair. Swinging freely, this style is perfect for those with longer hair who do not want to cut back In addition, it is perfect for people with more angular and long faces as the added body from layering helps to even out the dimensions. When it comes to layers, it pays to go with a pro and consult your local stylist for the best cut.

Whether you want to emulate a popular celebrity or talk with your stylist to come up with a style that’s uniquely yours, book an appointment and we’ll get started.