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Taking Care Of Your Extensions This Winter

When it comes to keeping your extensions in tip-top condition during the cold winter months in Toronto, many people are clueless as to how they can do so. Maintaining the quality of hair extensions in the summer isn’t so difficult, but when winter rolls along, some people encounter problems with keeping their beloved extensions in the best possible condition they can be. But fear not, because taking care of hair extensions in the winter is more than doable! Here are some vital tips and tricks to take care of your extensions this winter.

Shampoo Less, Condition More

This is a vital hair trick that not enough people know about. In order to lock in the essential moisture your hair needs, it’s important to pay more attention to conditioning your hair than shampooing it. If you tend to wash your hair more than three times a week, train your hair so that it only needs washing twice per week. It will be difficult at first, but shampooing your hair too often results in the loss of essential oils. When applying conditioner, concentrate on the ends of your hair, and leave it on for at least five minutes.

Reduce The Heat

It’s common knowledge that straightening and blow-drying your hair too often results in a lot of damage and breakage, so keeping your hair in good condition definitely involves cutting down the heat. A good way to do this is to let your hair air-dry after taking a shower, and wearing your hair up in a ponytail for a while as opposed to your usual style. It will be difficult at first (especially for those who love having straight locks), but your hair will thank you for it in the long run.

Protect Your Extensions

You may be a little clueless about how you can actually protect your extensions during the winter months, but there are many ways you can do so. Never leave the house with wet or damp hair, because this can result in breakage. Also, keep your extensions protected from the cold by wearing a scarf or a hat. Try to avoid cotton, because this can rub against your hair and cause damage and excess frizz. Satin and silk are much gentler materials.

To keep your hair extensions in the best possible condition they can be, it’s vital to be aware of these little tricks that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Talk to your Toronto hair stylist for more tips on taking care of your extensions in the coming winter months.