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5 Stylist Secrets You Need to Know

Your hair stylist may be one of your favourite people in your life. You may also consider them to be slightly magical because of what they can do to your hair. However you view your stylist, you obviously trust them with your appearance and trust that they will not let you leave until you are rocking a 10 out of 10 hairstyle. But aside from years of school and training and the artistic gift, what is their secret? How can they get your hair to do exactly what they want it to do without cursing and swearing as you normally have to every morning? Well here are five stylist secrets that you need to know in order to continue the love affair you have with your hair style.

Things don’t always work, but go with it

Have you ever noticed that your hair stylist is playing with your hair an awful lot? That it seems like you are getting an extra-long head massage out of the deal? Well that’s because they are trying things out with your hair and they can tell when it just won’t work. But instead of freaking out and throwing the brush at the mirror, they calmly tousle your hair and start over.

Stick to products you know and love

Stylists work with hair products all day long, so they will have their favourites hammered down pretty early on. You won’t find a lot of deviation from those products from leading brands like Oribe, Kevin Murphy, and Schwarzkopf professional, because they know they work! If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Choose a product and become familiar with it so you too can become an expert.

Wet hair and hot tools do not mix

No matter what the packaging on the new flat iron you bought says, you will never find a hair stylist who applies a curling iron or flat iron directly to wet hair. Always have dry hair before applying heat.

Less is more with products

When you are at home it takes half a bottle of hairspray to get your hair to cooperate, but any hairstylist worth their comb will tell you otherwise. Do not “overproduct” your hair. Use only a small amount and let your hair naturally work its way toward the hairstyle you seek. If it takes half a bottle, perhaps that hairstyle isn’t for you.

You don’t have to use matching shampoo and conditioner

It may seem illogical to buy different shampoo and conditioner since they so conveniently come in pairs, but you absolutely do not need to pair them. You may need a more intense deep conditioning conditioner and just a basic shampoo, so don’t be afraid to give your hair what it needs even if it means a mix-matched set in your shower.