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How to Style Hair for Winter Hats

There’s something nice about being able to throw on a hat when heading out during the winter. But the problem often lies in having to style your hair in such a way that you can keep the hat on without having to reveal the mess underneath it. Whether you’re hitting the slopes for the day, or spending the evening out with some friends, here are some hat-friendly styles that will let you embrace the hat-wearing season without having to feel obliged to expose your hat hair underneath.

Braided Pigtails for Grown-ups

This style is great for giving you the perfect look that allows you to keep the hat on and still look great, while keep your hair intact and off of your neck. Just part your hair, give it a light tease, and braid them! Super simple, and perfect for any winter occasion when you want to stay bundled.

Single Side Braid

This is another popular go-to choice for accompanying a hat-filled occasion. Instead of two separate brains, you can just sweep your hair into one single side braid. Just brush or gather your hair to whichever side your prefer. Part your hair and braid it. The best part about this style, aside from how little effort is required, is that it can look messy and still look great!

Hair-Wrapped Pony Tail

If you’re planning on having a more active day and want to just toss up your hair into a ponytail under a hat, you can add a simple touch of flair by making it a hair-wrapped ponytail. It’s as easy as it sounds. Just wrap your hair around the tie section, pin it in place, and throw on your hat!

Faux Bangs and Layers

One of the great features of wearing a beanie style hat is that you can position your hair in such as way that the hat will hold it in place. So what better time to give yourself a little faux bang and layer action? Pull some of your hair across to give that sweeping side bang, layered look.

End Curls

If you’re looking to have that slightly dreamy, dressed-up sort of hat vibe, then leave those long locks of yours down. Then use your flat iron or hair dryer and a curling brush to give the ends of your hair some wave and flair. Simple touches like these really do make all the difference when you’re looking to turn up the chic factor.

Winter is all about being able to take full advantage of bundling up and embracing the hat-wearing season. So take advantage by giving your hair some hat-worthy styles that will let you stay cozy while looking great.