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Solving Summer’s Biggest Hair Problems

Frizz, sweat, sunburnt scalps, and chlorine damage. These are only some of the endless joys of trying to style your hair in the humid Canadian summers. We have come up with some tips and solutions to help make your summer hair as carefree as possible!

Protect your Scalp from the Sun!

When applying sunscreen, be sure to remember to use some on your hair part, and all the way to your hairline when applying it on your face. This way, you’re not missing any spots! If you’re not a hat person, and you’re going to be spending a long day in the sun, consider putting your hair up to help cover your scalp.

Try tying your hair in a stylish double knot bun. Put your hair in a high pony tail and split it in half. Tie the pieces together in a knot, and once again into a double knot. Tuck in the ends and secure them with some pins! Voilà, your style is sun ready!

Prevent Chlorine Damage

Before diving in, make sure that you rinse your hair in the shower or with tap water. The water will cover your strands and help prevent the chlorinated water from getting to it. Consult with a stylist at your summer hair salon bob+paige about leave-in conditioners that can help protect your hair while you’re cooling off in the pool.

Don’t Sweat It

Many of us don’t want to sacrifice our hair style to help us bear the heat, but spending a hot day with your hair sticking to your neck, or your bangs to your forehead is uncomfortable at best. And let’s face it – it’s never a good look.

Keep yourself cool by keeping your hair off of your neck in a high pony tail. Braid your pony for a beach ready look, and gently tug at some of the pieces to loosen them up.

To keep your bangs off your forehead, try braiding your bangs into a Dutch braid. Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair, taking three pieces of hair from that section and beginning to braid them. Keep adding more hair from each side, crossing the hair under. Repeat until the ends and secure.


For anyone with a little bit of body, wave, or curl in their hair, you will spend your entire summer fighting the frizz fight. Stay away from heavier products and look for sprays and anti-frizz serums. Stop by your summer hair salon for product recommendations from your stylist.

Split Ends

Higher temperatures and UV rays can cause more breakage than usual in your hair. Moisturize, moisturize, MOISTURIZE! Your locks will thank you. Remember that even though conditioning treatments are a great temporary solution, they do not solve the problem completely. The best solution for split ends is a trim! Visit bob+paige hair salon for a quick touch up to solve this problem.