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Quick & Easy Hair Styles for Your Morning Routine

If you’re not a morning person, the last thing you want to do is style your hair in the morning before jetting off to work or play. Fortunately, these quick and easy hairstyles will fit into your morning routine and make heads turn:

Two-Minute Updo

Even the most frantic morning has time for this simple and elegant hairstyle. Simply place an elastic headband around your head like a crown, twist your hair and tuck it over the headband and secure it in place. Continue tucking around your head until all hair is secure and your updo is complete. No one will believe how low-maintenance this hairstyle can be.

Accessorized Low Bun

Low buns are easy and provide a nice casual look that can fit any atmosphere. By including a scarf you can add easy unique twist to a classic hairstyle. If you’ve got a decent scarf collection, you could rotate them through and wear this style all week long. Switch accessories to match the day’s mood.

Braided Headband

Finding everything you need in the morning can be panic enough as it is, and finding the perfect headband in a mess of accessories only adds to the stress. Fortunately, you can get creative and use your own hair to make a headband. Separate a small handful of hair on each side of your head into ponytails and tease the ponytail upward. Braid them both, and stylishly drape them across the front of your hairline, and pin in place. With a stylish side bang in front, this DIY headband looks incredible.

Beach Waves

Look like you’ve just come back from a warm Caribbean vacation with a beach wave hairstyle in the middle of winter. First, spray your hair with a heat defense spray. With a curling iron, take a handful of hair and giving it a slight twist with the iron. Continue throughout until your hair has all been given a slight wavy flow. Finish with a misting of sea salt spray. In under five minutes, you can achieve convincing beach wave hair that will have all onlookers envious.

Knotted Side Bun

This versatile hairstyle looks great in the office, out on the town, or just relaxing on the couch. Gather your hair off-centre and put in a ponytail. Wrap the ponytail like tying a knot, but don’t pull it all the way through. Secure your bun with bobby pins, and finish by pulling your hair away from the crown to create dimension. Add a spray of finishing product to complete this great look.

Look beautiful and elegant during even the most hectic of mornings thanks to these quick and easy hairstyles.