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Picking the Perfect Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone

Choosing a new hair colour can be a big decision, so you want to do your research to be sure that whatever colour you choose is going to really accent your look and make it pop. There are several things that you should take into account when choosing your hair colour, such as your skin tone, eye colours and face shape.

Checking Your Skin Tone

If you have cool-toned skin, you generally will want to stay within the cooler colours in order to complement your skin. The same goes for warm skin tones: stick within the colour spectrum of warmer colours that will help support your look instead of contrasting with your skin tone. To find your skin tone, you can try standing in natural light while you’re wearing a white or neutral colour. After removing all makeup, hold up a hand mirror and observe whether your skin tones contain more yellow and red, or whether your skin is a bit more neutral or possibly even pinkish. Yellow and red shifts indicate a warm skin tone, while neutral or pink indicate a cool skin tone.

Contrast With Skin Tone

If you are looking for a more dramatic flair, go for contrast between your skin colour (not tone!) and your hair. Lighter skin with dark hair or a deep burgundy hair can be very striking, while white blonde hair on someone with a darker skin colour can also be fascinating.

Changing Your Makeup

When you change your hair colour, it is a good idea to change your makeup at the same time. The reason for this is that the makeup that complemented your previous look may have a slightly different effect, depending on how significant the change to your hair colour is.

Choosing your Colour

Warm yellow or red skin undertones work very well with a strawberry red that is nice and bright and cheery. A darker (but still bright) red head of hair may work best on cooler-toned skin. Blondes with a cool, neutral colour work best with skin with pink undertones, while warm, buttery or golden blonde hair complements those with a little bit of yellow or olive in their skin. Black hair is best with those with pink undertones, and can be a very dramatic effect.

No matter the colour you decide to choose, know that your Toronto hair stylist is a valuable partner in your decision! They can help you find a stunning colour that will really rock your new look.