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5 Party-Perfect Updos (in 10 minutes or less)

If there’s one thing no one has during holiday season, it’s extra time to primp. Senior Stylist Jenna Crawford shares five updos you can get done in minutes. They’re perfectly imperfect, easy to achieve, and totally stunning.

How Do I Prep My Hair For An Updo?

You want hair that’s a little bit dirty! Wash your hair the day before, not the day of because it’ll be too slippery and won’t hold well. After washing, apply a quarter size amount of volumizing mousse from roots to ends, and follow this up with a quick blow dry. I like using Goldwell’s Top Whip mousse because it will give hair some texture for the next day.

What Tools Do I Need?

When you’re ready for your updo, make sure you have some bobby pins and hair elastics on hand that are clear or match your hair colour. And don’t forget your favourite hairspray! I like powerful ones like Perfect Hold by Goldwell or Dry Wax from KMS. It comes in a spray but doesn’t leave your hair stiff. Instead, it gives it texture and lets you mould the hair where you want it.

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Should I Use Two Mirrors (so I can see what I’m doing)?

For technique, I find using two mirrors can throw off the look, so it’s better to go by feel. Instead, check your placement after every step.

Here are five easy updos you can achieve in under 10 minutes each:

1) Elegant Low Chignon


Get This Look:

Step 1. Take pieces from either side of your hair and leave them loose.

Step 2. Pull the rest of your hair back into a low pony and secure with an elastic. About half way down the pony, secure with another elastic.

Step 3. Twist the pony up around your finger and secure it with bobby pins, then spray.

Step 4. Take each of the loose sections by your ear (from step 1) and twist them from the top towards the back of your head.

Step 5. Pull these sections over the bun and secure with a bobby pin.

Step 6. Loosen it up a little if you want a more casual look, then spray.

For some extra bling, add a sequined pin! You can find these at H&M.

2) Messy Low Chignon

This is a similar look to the elegant bun, just a little bit looser and less fussy!

Photo of Messy Chignon hairstyle


Get This Look:

Step 1. Take pieces from either side of your hair and leave them loose then pull the rest of your hair back into a loose, low pony and secure with an elastic.

Step 2. Using your fingers, create a little hole at the top of the pony, then pull the pieces beside your ears back and through the hole.

Step 3: Take the two pieces in front and pull them back and through the hole as well.

Step 4. Now that all the hair is through, secure the bottom with an elastic, roll it up, tuck and pin. If you want, leave a few pieces out. You can curl some if you want. It shouldn’t be too fussy! Tuck pins wherever you want or need. This look doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 5. Spray!

3) The Braided Twist

Photo of Braided Twist hairsyle


Get This Look:

Step 1. Section your hair diagonally into two pieces. It shouldn’t look perfectly parted. You want the lines to look seamless (so you won’t see them).

Step 2. Divide hair into two sections.

Step 3. Braid each piece then secure the ends with elastics. Make sure not to braid too tight!

Step 4. Take one braid, loosen it a little, then wrap it from one side to the other and pin.

Step 5. Tuck the end of the remaining piece under your hair so you don’t see the elastic.

Tip: To prevent the stubby end of the braid poking out of your updo, make a little loop at the end and secure with another elastic.

Step 6. Do the same on the other side, tuck, pin and spray. Using your fingers, gently loosen the hair all over.

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4) Messy Bun

I like pairing this style with curtain bangs!

Photo of Messy Bun hairstyle


Get The Look:

Step 1. Pull you hair up into a high pony secure with an elastic.

Step 2. Loosen the hair a little.

Step 3. Twist the pony then tie the end with another elastic.

Step 4. Pull the twists out a bit so it looks a little messier.

Step 5. Wrap the pony around the elastic, twist, secure with a pin then spray to hold the look.

If you want to jazz this look up a bit, add an elasticized headband with pearls or diamonds!

5) Twisty Bun

Photo of twisty bun hairstyle

Photo of twisty bun hairstyle


Step 1. Divide hair into two high ponies. Make sure they’re not too far forward, but more towards the back of your head, level with your eyes and the top of your ears.

Step 2. Twist each one and then pull them out a bit so they’re not too tight

Step 3. Wrap each one under and over the other.

Step 4. Tuck them in, pin, and spray.

To step up this look, tuck in little jewels attached to bobby pins!

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