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Men’s Hair Trends to Watch in 2016

Unfortunately, there are way too many people who just don’t realize that haircut trends for men are just as ever-changing as women’s hairstyle looks. This results in most men getting the same haircut each time they visit the barber’s, simply because they aren’t aware of the latest trends. However, it’s time to spread some awareness of the hair trends for men that are set to be huge in 2016. So, rather than getting the same old short back and sides look that you’ve been sporting for as long as you can remember, you can now switch up your look with one of these sharp hair trends.

Lots of Length on Top

This is ideal for men who like to keep on track with the latest fashion trends. This high and tight hairstyle includes extra length on top, and short sides. Not only does it look stylish, sharp, and modern, but it can also look extremely professional when paired with smart attire. It’s perfect for men who spend their days in the office, and their evenings out on the town.

Asymmetrical Undercut

If you’re after something even sharper than extra length on top, the asymmetrical undercut is probably exactly what you’re looking for. This straight-to-the-point haircut involves a parting on one side, with hair then combed or brushed over. It’s all over the place at the moment, and is definitely set to be huge in 2016.

Long Hair

Okay, so we understand that the whole “long hair” thing isn’t an option for many men, but more of you suit this look than you think. Long hair on men has been in style for years, and has never quite managed to escape being fashionable. Of course, if your hairline isn’t the strongest in the world, long hair probably isn’t the best haircut for you. But, if you’re confident you can grow your hair out, then why not just go for it? Speak with your Toronto hair stylist for maintenance and styling tips.

Textured & Faded

Just like long hair, the textured and faded crew cut has been in style for many years. For those of you who prefer haircuts that are blissfully low maintenance, this hair trend is undoubtedly your best bet. Think of a buzz cut look, but a little longer than that. Of course, you need to have good bone structure to make this look really work for you – so it’s definitely something to consult a female friend about before taking the plunge!

Talk with your hair stylist to uncover the perfect fashionable haircut for your facial structure and hair type.