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How to Keep Hair Safe in the Winter

Many of us know just how important it is to bundle up during the wintertime and protect your skin. But not many of us really take into consideration how important it is to include our hair in that process. Hair can easily become weak and brittle if it’s not given the proper care and protection. And just because the intense sun rays may have faded, doesn’t mean it’s okay to neglect it. That dry, sharp, cold air can do just as much damage as the sun can.

So this winter in Toronto, show your locks some love and keep them safe with a few of these steps.

Cover It Up

Just like you would bundle up your skin to reduce exposure during those harsh, cold winter days, make sure to include your hair as well. We know hats aren’t always the most convenient item to wear, especially if you have a fancy party to attend, but try to make the effort whenever possible to toss on a hat, or at least a hood. These will help shield your hair from that damaging weather.

Reduce Frequency of Washing

Washing your hair every single day may feel great, but the reality is that it’s just not healthy for your hair and scalp. Your hair needs those natural oils that your body produces to keep it lubricated and strong. So during the winter, try to reduce your hair washing to no more than three times a week. Use a natural, dry shampoo if you feel the need, in between washes. Ask your stylist at our Toronto hair salon for product recommendations.

Deep Condition Weekly

Another great tactic for boosting up that hair health is by treating it to a deep condition once a week. Pick up your favourite hair mask and let it work its magic. Just be sure to use one that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. Once again, ask your stylist for a recommendation that will work best for your hair type.

Get it Trimmed Often

Keep your locks fresh and strong by getting them cut and trimmed more frequently. So make a plan to visit your salon more often!

Use Humidifier

If you don’t have a humidifier, purchasing one will be well worth it. During the winter, the air outside and within your home can become extremely dry – especially when you have the heat cranked. And all that dry air can place a burden on your scalp and hair follicles. A humidifier can add back moisture into the air, which can really help to maintain hydration for your hair and even your skin.

Keep your hair safe this winter by placing as much effort into protecting it as you would your skin. Follow some of these simple tips to help safeguard it from that dry, damaging winter air.