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How to Undo Hair Damage

One way or another, we’re all guilty of not tending to the health of our hair as much as we should. Whether you’re a heat styling addict, a hair dye junkie, or a product enthusiast (or all three at once), these things add up and cause significant damage to your hair. It’s important to remember that some types of damage such as split ends and breakage can only be prevented or improved but not completely undone. Be sure to always keep this in consideration when making decisions about your hair.

We have come up with some simple tips to help you prevent and correct hair damage and have healthy fabulous hair that will have heads turning and jaws dropping.

Look hotter by turning down the heat

When we’re in a hurry, we turn to our friend the blow dryer to speed things up so that we can be out of the house sooner. Consider giving yourself an extra 30 minutes of post-shower time to let your hair air dry. Instead of starting to blow dry your hair when it is soaking wet, blot it dry with a towel (don’t twist), and then let it air dry for 15 minutes before blowing it out.

Adding 30 minutes isn’t your style? Can’t resist the heat? Ask your hair stylist about heat protectant products that you can apply to your hair before starting the drying process.

Shampoo smartly

We are sure you’ve heard this tip before, but shampooing your hair less often will allow for it to build up natural oils that prevent dryness in your hair. When you do shampoo (a suggested 3 times per week) make sure that your hair is completely soaked, and that you’re not overdoing it with the amount that you use (a small amount does the trick).


Experimenting with different colours is always fun but unfortunately it has its downside. Dryness, frizziness and discolouring are all outcomes that we want to prevent as much as possible.

To prevent dryness, make sure that you’re conditioning your hair every time you wet it. Try drying your hair with a lighter towel to avoid frizziness (even try a cotton t-shirt). Your hair stylist will have many suggestions for shampoos and conditioners that can help prevent discolouration!

Use the right brush

Mixed bristle brushes will help distribute the natural oils from your scalp to all parts of your hair.

Overnight treatments

Your in shower conditioner may not be doing the trick! Ask your hair stylist about an overnight treatment that will work while you sleep.

Get a trim

The best way to fix split ends and breakage is to cut ‘em off! The longer you leave your split ends, the higher up your strands they will get.

These tips should help prevent and correct hair damage so you’re always looking your best.