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How To Get Your Best Summer Hair

Looking for shiny hair this season? Bob + Paige Master Stylist Tony Mplias shares his top tips for getting beautiful summer hair:

Fight The Frizz!

Prep your hair with the right products. For beautiful summer hair I highly recommend cleansing conditioners. These are shampoo-free formulas that leave natural oils in the hair which helps keep frizz down. My clients, men and women, like Goldwell Kerasilk Color Cleansing Conditioner. Another good option is Moistrepair by KMS.

Very important application: To avoid tangles, apply the cleansing conditioner to length and ends first, then to your scalp with your head upside down. This releases the weight of hair on the scalp so you can apply it properly. Make sure you can run your fingers through your hair from root to ends – this allows the product to do its job – and rinse very well!

After towel drying, finger comb then apply an anti-frizz product to protect from the blow dryer. I like Oribe Balm d’Or. Emulsify two to three pumps in your hand and apply it from mid-shaft to ends. As you run out of product in your hands, you can go closer to the root. Avoid touching your scalp or else it can get greasy. If you have thicker, coarser textured hair, you can also add a touch of serum cocktailed with the anti-frizz product or one after the other.

Too Hot To Blowdry?

In the summer, air drying is a great alternative to blow drying. The finished result is less frizz and flyaways. But you still need to blow dry a little bit using a diffuser. For loose wave twist large sections together and for tighter waves, twist smaller sections. If you want volume diffuse upside down on medium heat at medium to low speed. Always diffuse by focusing on the roots. But don’t over dry! 50-70% only. This technique keeps volume at the roots and allows ends to air dry for less frizz.

Follow up with a little finishing product. For waves, I like Orbit Curl Gloss because it has shine. Scrunch it into the hair from mid shaft to ends. Again, for roots apply the product last when there’s almost nothing left on your hand. Then, apply a dry wax spray. I like Oribe’s Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray. Do this part for about 10 seconds as in touch, touch, touch, but don’t touch too much or you’ll get more frizz!

Seven Steps To Beautiful Summer Hair:

1) At the start of the season get a good cut, then make sure to get trims every six to ten weeks to avoid splits and keep hair looking fresh and healthy.

2) Wash weekly with a purple-based anti-brass blonde shampoo. It’s designed to keep blonde hair bright and shiny, but I also find it gives medium brown hair some sun-kissed highlights. The rest of the time, use a cleansing conditioner. It keeps natural oils in the hair and helps reduce fading.

3) Once a week apply a mask treatment. Goldwell has some nice ones for moisture or volume or colour protection. Apply it mid-shaft to ends, leave it on for a minute or two and rinse well.

4) Always rinse your hair after you’ve been swimming in chlorine. Even better, slather on a dense leave-in conditioner before you go in. It will add a protective barrier. Also, avoid chlorine build-up by using a clarifying shampoo weekly.

5) Never use a fine tooth comb on wet hair! It will get stuck in tangles and cause damage. Instead use a wet brush. I like the Wilhelmina from FI. Even a typical paddle brush is better than a comb because the bed of bristles helps detangle smoothly.

6) Don’t tie hair up tightly, ever! This causes a lot of breakage. People really squeeze hair with buns. Less tight please! If you must, give hair some breaks in the day by undoing the bun and then doing it up again. Telephone cord elastics are great for avoiding damage or use something with a fabric, nothing rubbery!

7) Wear a hat at the beach, playing golf etc. It really does help protect hair from sun damage and maintain your beautiful summer hair.

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