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How To Find A Great Hair Stylist

Looking for a new ‘do? bob + paige Senior Stylist Nicole Den Bok answers your burning questions about finding a great salon and stylist you’ll love for the long haul.

Where Do I Even Start Looking?

You should definitely start by searching online. Sites like Narcity, Google, and BlogTO in Toronto are great places to find reviews or information about top salons in your city or neighbourhood. Many do secret shopper reviews of businesses so you’re getting pretty accurate feedback. BlogTO named bob + paige best Toronto salon and a lot of new clients have found us that way. Once you’ve chosen a salon that sounds good to you, book a consult appointment.

What’s A Consult & Why Do I Need One?

At bob + paige we always like to start new clients with a consult, especially if they want to do something new or extreme with their hair. A styling consult is typically about 15 minutes, free, and a great way to get a vibe for the place, and the stylist. It’s important that you’re a good fit for the client, and they’re a good fit for you! If you’re not sure who you should book with, call and ask the receptionist to recommend someone. They usually have a good understanding of who you should see based on your budget and your hair type.

What Happens At A Consultation?

Be ready to answer some questions! In a good consult, the stylist should be asking about your daily routine, how much maintenance you want to do long term, especially if you’re getting colour. They will also recommend products, styling tips, and understand the difference between hair types and textures i.e. fine, coarse, thick or thin. We all love getting pictures because it gives us an idea about what you, the client, is hoping to achieve.

How Can I Tell If I’m At A Good Salon?

Pay attention to how you’re treated. Were you greeted when you came in? Did someone take your coat? Was reception friendly? Is the washroom clean? Are the magazines recent? Is the coffee good? Is the floor free of hair? Are the sinks clean? Do staff look happy? We really take pride in these things at bob + paige!

I Want To Go Blonde ASAP!

If you come in for a free consult, don’t expect to get a $200 makeover on the spot because that’s not practical. If you want dramatic changes you should be prepared to pay for that. It’s often a multiple step process. If you’re brunette, we won’t make you completely blonde on the first visit. It could take 3 or 4 visits. A good stylist will be clear and open about this. It’s also important that you’re open about your expectations and honest about your budget.

My Stylist Isn’t Available…Can I Book With Someone Else?

This used to be really taboo at salons but not so much anymore. We definitely encourage it at bob + paige. Generally it’s more uncomfortable for the client than it is for us! We all have the same training and education. We’re happy that you stay with us instead of going to another salon!

Should I Wash My Hair Before The Appointment?

Definitely come in with clean hair, that’s just respectful! And style it the way you usually do so we can assess what needs to be done. Also, wear something that reflects you. When someone comes in we look at them from top to bottom and how they take care of themselves. If you make effort with your clothes, we know you will with your hair. Dress comfortably. No need to wear a ball gown to the salon!

Help! I Hate My Haircut!

Hopefully you will talk to us. Clients are often reluctant to say they don’t like their hair and just leave a bad review. When we see a bad review at bob + paige we will reach out to you to find out why. So my advice? Let us know asap and we will fix it!

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