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Hottest braids of summer

Toronto’s Bob + Paige salon, Top Stylist Alisha Boudreau shares her favourite braids of summer

How To Prep For Braids

Wash your hair then add product to give it some texture and grit so the braids will grip. For people with fine hair, I like Goldwell’s Top Whip Ultra-Strong Volume Mousse because it gives maximum hold. If you have thicker or coarser hair (great for braids!) then you have some texture already. Use a cream like Twister Curl Primer from R+Co so it doesn’t get too frizzy. Comb the product through wet hair so it’s even all over then blow dry. If you’re curly, you’ll probably want to use a diffuser.

Can Anyone Wear Breads?

Definitely! People with super curly hair have been taming their hair with braids for a thousand of years. It’s really a classic look. Even short hair can wear a braid. Pretty much anyone can have one, it just depends on what kind of look you want to achieve. Here are my five favourite revamps of the classic braid:

1) Braided Hair With Accessories

Photo Credit: Instagram @justinemarjan
This is really fun and really original. It’s also easy to do! Braid your hair wherever you like, then add little hoops or charms. You can find them online at Chloe + Isabel. This syle has a bit of a beach wave going on. To get waves use a straightener or wrap your hair around a wand, using smaller sections for more texture, then define with hair spray. My go-to is Oribe’s Dry Texturing Spray because it’s balanced and user-friendly. It’ll give you that beachy look without the wetness and concentration of a sea salt spray.

2) Boho Braid

Photo Credit: Instagram @emilyrosehannon
I like doing this one on myself when my hair is on its second or third day after washing. It’s perfect for lazy mornings when you don’t feel like doing much and it takes less than five minutes once you get the hang of it. Start by taking three sections at the crown of your head. As you braid, incorporate smaller pieces of hair (instead of full sections) so you get that detailed fish tail. Pull at the sections and loosen it to give it that relaxed boho-feel, then secure the end with an elastic. You don’t really need any hairspray, it’s meant to look a little messy!

3) Slicked Back Pony With Braids

Photo Credit: Instagram @arianagrande
This is a great spin on the high pony! Section out where you want your braids to go. Ariana’s are in the middle and on the sides. Start braiding, making sure you have clean lines and sections. Secure each braid with a small, clear elastic. Brush or comb back the hair you haven’t braided, but make sure not to brush the braids! Pull everything up tightly into a high pony then secure with an elastic. To get that really polished, smooth look I use KMS Hair Play Dry Wax. Spray in the direction of the pony (front to back). This is a style that works best on second day hair (less fluffy!). Tip: Spray the dry wax on the bristles of a clean toothbrush and use it to tame flyaways. If you want to go really long and dramatic (like Ariana!) you can add extensions and wrap them around the elastic.

4) Twisted Rope Braid

Photo Credit: Instagram @justinemarjan
This edgy look uses two sections of hair instead of three, and goes up from the back of your head instead of down from the crown. On one side you twist clockwise and on the other side counter-clockwise, grabbing pieces of hair as you go. Secure with an elastic then bobby pin it all into place. You’ll need product with stronger than average hold like Goldwell’s Style Sign Big 4 Finish Volume Hairspray. If it’s really humid, I also like to add a layer of Oribe Imperméable Anti-humidity Spray at the back.

5) Middle Braid Pony

Photo Credit: Instagram @justinemarjan
This is the effortless and unpolished version of Ariana Grande’s slicked back pony above and I really love how simple it is! Starting at your hairline, braid a thick section of your hair in the middle. Secure it with an elastic then pull the rest of hair up into a high, loose pony and secure that with another elastic. For a tousled look, add some waves with a curling iron or a wand. Thick hair is really perfect for this style! Take a section of the pony and wrap it around the base of the elastic, then slip the end of the hair underneath or use a bobby pin to secure it.

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