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Heatless Hair Styles that Wow

Heat can be incredibly damaging for hair, and sadly many hair styles require some element of heat to accomplish. Give your hair a break from the heat this summer and try some of these hair styles that don’t require a flat iron or a blow dryer!


Braiding your hair is a great skill to have because it’s the style with endless opportunities. Braids can be done while hair is wet or dry making it the perfect style to pull off in a time crunch. There are endless style possibilities when a braid is involved. From French braid to waterfall braid and many options in between, the braid is a versatile and heat damage-free way to achieve a beautiful classic hair style.

The Beach Look

If you have a shorter hair style with some fun layers, you have the perfect base for the beachy messy hair look. Simply towel dry your hair and toss it with some mouse and let it dry naturally. The beachy messy look will last all day and the best part is no heat required!

Twist and Pin

An easy way to achieve an elegant look is by doing a simple twist and pin. Let your hair air dry and pull a large chunk from the front of your hair aside. Twist the pulled aside hair and simply pull it back and pin it. Voila, you have a simple classy hair style achieved in 30 seconds or less.

The Low Knot

Tying your hair in a knot may not feel like a natural thing to do, however you can get a super fun hair style out of a few knots if you know how to do it. Pull your hair into low pig tails and firmly twist the hair in two separate pieces. Then tie a double knot in your hair. Bring the ends of the two pony tails together under the knot and tie them together with an invisible elastic. You will need some pins to help hold some strands back and to tighten the do. The end result will surprise you!

The Braided Bun

This style works best with long hair. Pull your hair into a pony tail and braid the pony tail. Wrap the pony tail around itself forming a bun. Using pins, secure the bun in place. Easy as can be you have a fancy looking hair style that involves no damage from a flat or curling iron!

Enjoy being creative with your hair styles this summer! And remember that there are plenty of styles that can wow everyone without the added suffering of heat damage.