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Hair Styling Tools You Need To Own

From packable diffusers to boar-bristle brushes, bob + paige’s Alisha Leela shares her favourite hair styling tools for beautiful hair.

Mason Pearson Brush (For Dry Hair)

Many people use stiff bristle brushes but these can be really damaging. On dry hair, I like using the Mason Pearson brush because it makes your hair shine. Made using boar-bristles mixed with nylon, it stimulates the follicle at the root and it’s especially good for thick hair. Handmade in England, this is an investment brush that will last your whole life.

The Wet Brush (For Wet Hair)

Photo of The Wet Brush

We use these in the salon. The Wet Brush is really great for detangling hair after applying conditioner. It works really well on fine hair that tends to tangle. It’s easier to use than a comb and a lot less damaging. Use your Wet Brush in the shower or with a leave-in product.

The FiHair Round Brush (For Styling)

Photo of the Gretchen FiHair Round Brush

I use this a lot! These round brushes comes in various sizes depending on your hair length. Round brushes can often get caught in your hair because the handle is a separate piece but this one is seamless. It’s a really versatile tool. You can use it for blowouts, making waves, smoothing. It also helps prevent frizz so you can sometimes even skip the flat iron. If you want volume, elevate the brush because higher up = more volume!

The Avanti Ultra Flatiron

Photo of Avanti Flatiron

This straightener is a total winner for me. I use this multi-purpose tool for straight hair curly hair or to create waves. It’s inexpensive, and of all the tools I’ve ever owned, this one has lasted the longest! It does everything you need and is great for travelling when you can only bring one tool. But using a flatiron to create waves does require some technique. I tell my clients, if you don’t have the skills go with a curling wand instead.

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Y.S. Park Hair Sectioning Clips

Photo of Y.S. Park Sectioning Hair Clips

These sectioning clips make blowdrying and heat styling a lot easier. I use them to teach my clients how to blow out their own hair. If you clip half your hair up you’ll get cleaner sections. There are loads of hair clips out there but I find the Y.S. Park ones easiest to use and they last a long time.

Parlux Hair Dryer

Photo of Parlux hairdryer

Everyone always goes on about the Dyson dryer but it’s really expensive and I don’t love it to be honest. I think Parlux makes the best hair dryers on the market today, both in terms of price and quality. Most of the stylists at our salon use them. The light versions (one of them weighs less than 1lb!) are great if you have a lot of hair or blow dry every day. I use my wrist so much throughout the day so I don’t want heavy! At around $200 they aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they’re good quality. I’ve had mine for 5 years and use it several times a day on clients!

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Diane Ionic Mesh Diffuser

This mesh diffuser slides onto the end of your dryer. It’s way better than the plastic kind because it fits most hair dryers, you can stuff it in a suitcase when travelling, and best of all it the mesh is infused with titanium that creates shine and reduces frizz.

Ghd Classic Curling Wand

Photo of hair styling tool GHD curling iron

This wand is perfect for when you’re in a rush because it’s easy to use and doesn’t need much experience to get great results. It’s a good size for waves or curls and really maintains an even heat. It also has tourmaline ceramic tech that makes your hair shiny and isn’t too damaging. If you have blonde or red highlights, or any fashion shade like pink or blue, I’d recommend not going above 275-300 degrees because it could cause breakage, but you can go hotter if you have coarse hair.

Heat Protector

Photo of Oribe Balm d'Or Heat Styling Shield

Never use a hot styling tool without first applying a product that will protect your hair! When I’m recommending one to my clients I ask of they prefer to add it to wet or dry hair. Goldwell’s Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray Serum works well on both wet or dry, straight or curly. I also love Balm d’Or Heat Styling Shield by Oribe because it’s a treatment as well as a protector. It’s a creamier serum so it adds the moisture you’ll need if your hair is especially dry, lightened or coarse. I also really like the smell!

The best hair tool of all? A great stylist. Book your appointment now at bob + paige.