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Your Guide to Styling Products

Ever leave the salon feeling like a movie star? Your hair looks fantastic and there isn’t a single strand out of place. How does your hairdresser do it? You can either vow to never shower and wash your hair again, or you can try to figure out how to work with styling products so you can re-create the masterpiece time and time again. Here is your quick guide to hair styling products.

Hair Gel

Hair gel is a staple in most men’s daily hair routine, but it can also be quite useful for girls. Because gel possesses such strength for holding hair in place, it makes the ideal product to tame flyaway strands of hair. It’s also great for short hair styles to give the “flip out” look some serious definition. Be careful not to go overboard with gel usage however, because it will weigh down your hair and give it a perpetually wet look if you apply too much. To re-activate the gel throughout the day, simply add a little bit of water to the gel and be on your way.

Hair Mousse

Mousse can be the saving grace for fine, thin hair. By adding a small amount of the foamy product to your hair when it’s wet and blow drying your hair once the mousse is applied, you can add volume to your hair that may not have been possible on its own. Be certain to blow dry the hair, however, because the mousse will leave the hair feeling crunchy if it’s just left to dry naturally on the hair. Mousse is also great for giving already curly or wavy hair that extra bit of hold the curl may need to not turn into a frizzy mess. Again, be sure to blow dry the hair properly.

Hair Wax

Although hair wax may sound like it’s the ultimate hold for hair, it actually only scores about a 2 out of 10 for how well it holds hair in place. Its primary use is for defining an existing look such as layers in longer hair or a hair flip that needs a slight extra helping hand in keeping its shape. Be cautious not to use too much wax because it will leave the hair feeling and looking greasy.


Hairspray is an essential tool for updos and some curly hair styles, however it’s not a catch-all hair product for everyday use. If you have a need for your hair to stay put for many hours, such as a graduation or a wedding, then using loads of hairspray is the best way to do it. It will leave your hair feeling crunchy but that is not usually problematic with an updo. Be careful to not get the hairspray in your eyes at it can be very painful.

Play around with different products to see what works best for you and your hair! You can have different products for different looks, and of course don’t forget to ask your hairstylist for tips before you leave the salon!