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How to Get Your Hair Ready for Winter

The colder season doesn’t have to mean dry, brittle winter hair! Learn how to get ahead of the falling temps with our team’s expert tips:

Invest in Better Shampoo

In the summer you can get away with letting your hair go a bit untamed. Less product and styling is required as the extra moisture in the air can often infuse natural texture and volume into your hair. But winter’s colder temperatures aren’t always as friendly. It’s wise to invest in a good quality shampoo (at any time of year, but most especially in the winter). So, with that in mind, are salon brand shampoos the best choice?

“Truthfully, drugstore products have gotten a lot better,” says bob + paige’s co-owner and Master Stylist, Frank Calandrino. “If it’s a reputable brand, there’s probably some decent ingredients in it. But if it’s really cheap, it’s probably not that great. I just don’t think it’s possible to use good quality ingredients and charge so little.”

Drugstore staff aren’t hair experts! Your stylist knows your hair type intimately and can recommend a product that uniquely suits your needs. Still, your salon shouldn’t be pushing expensive products on you, says Calandrino. “We carry 4 tiers of products from less expensive to higher-end. A good stylist can tell you why something is worth the money. Our aim is to share our hair education with you; it’s ultimately your decision whether you want to invest more in styling products, and maybe pay less for your shampoo.”

Expert Tip: Whatever you decide, you’ll save if you buy your shampoo and conditioner in bulk.

Tackle Your Dry Hair Now

Tweak (and Sleek) Your Hairstyle

It’s always a good idea to get your hair healthy with regular trims. The start of each new season is a practical way to remember to come in for a quick cut.

One stunning, stop-you-in-your-tracks look to try during the colder months (since there’s less humidity and frizz) is to style your hair glossy and flat-ironed pin-straight. “I loved Kim Kardashian’s take on this look because it’s glossy and beautiful,” says bob + paige Senior Stylist, Derek Hannah. Here are his steps to achieve the sleek look:

  • Shampoo and condition according to your hair type and towel dry really well.
  • Use Oribe’s Royal Blowout to add shine and heat protection.
    (Spray from a distance so you don’t get too much product on one area!)
  • Blow dry with a large paddle brush for smooth ends.
  • Once hair is mostly straight, flat iron from mid-length to ends to maintain volume at the roots.
  • Finish with Oribe’s Aprés Beach Wave & Shine Spray to add shine and seal the hair.

“If you have curly hair, you can still get this look,” Hannah notes. “Just book an express Kerasilk Keratin Treatment by Goldwell with your cut or blow dry. It only takes an hour and really tames frizz for a smoother, straighter look.”

Consider Your Headwear

If you live someplace cold (like Toronto!) you’ll likely be wearing a hat for much of the season.
And while we’re not saying you should freeze, there are some styles that don’t quite work well with hats:

  • High ponytails
  • Big buns
  • Bangs

If you’re a fringe-lover, you may want to consider growing them out for the winter season so you aren’t sporting that squashed hair look whenever you take your beanie off. No bangs? Now might also be the perfect time to grow out your current style, or maybe cut it shorter.

Change Up Your Styling Routine

Cold air and heated styling can really do a number on your tresses, especially in cold temps. If you’re prone to frizz, static, and dry, sensitive ends, the winter weather can wreak havoc on your hairstyle. Don’t let it happen!

“After washing, you can absorb moisture by gently squeezing hair with a microfibre towel,” says bob + paige Top Stylist, Chandler Bond. “Don’t rub it because that can create knots and cause breakage.”

If you have to use a blowdryer, Bond advises sticking to medium heat all over your hair until it’s about 80% dry. Then, flip your head upside down to inject some volume and comb out any tangles. Doing this before adding your finishing product ensures you’re not pushing product where you don’t want it (ie. oil-based formulas near your oily-prone roots).

Bond’s favourite finishing sprays include Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray and AirStyle Flexible Finishing Cream. She says these provide “hold, volume and texture while smoothing out the cuticle and creating pieces you want to accentuate (like framing curtain bangs apart from the rest of your hair).”

Keep Your Hair Safe In Winter

Switch Out Your Products & Tools

Are your summer and winter hair care products one and the same? If so, switch them up seasonally. Master Stylist Joey Marchese shares a few of his must-have products:

Powder Spray. Originally created for hair shows and photo shoots, you can literally sprinkle this onto your hair. Never used powders before? Marchese suggests Schwarzkopf’s OSiS+ Session Label Powder Cloud to add piecey texture to ends and extra hold to your winter looks.

Light, Static-Free Hairdryer. “The Parlux Advance is a quiet, everyday hair dryer that’s really light with many heat settings and an ergonomic handle with well-positioned buttons,” Marchese says. “All this makes for a smoother, static-free dry.”

Super Dry Hairspray. Marchese swears by Schwarzkopf’s OSiS+ Session Label Strong Hold Hairspray. Why? Wet sprays cause sizzling on your heating tool, but this micro-mist spray has a dry finish that’s not sticky at all. This makes it a versatile tool that you can use after a wash, before using your wand or setting your look, giving you ultimate control over your styling.

Looking to get your hair winter-ready? Make an appointment at Bob + Paige salon!