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How to Get Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Whether you have long, flowing locks or a cute pixie cut, healthy hair should be a priority. Feel beautiful and confident with these suggestions for maintaining healthy hair:

Smart Washing & Drying

Of course we all want clean hair, but excessive shampooing can actually strip your hair of protective oils. Ironically, in an attempt to restore its natural state, your hair can become excessive oily. Prevent all of this by only washing your hair three to four times per week. While it might take a while to get used to, you’ll be thankful for the change. Additionally, be gentle on your hair when drying. Pat your delicate hair try instead of roughly rubbing it against a towel.

An Ounce of Prevention…

Regular maintenance can prevent problems from building up and causing major distress down the road. For example, regular trimming every six weeks or so can prevent split ends for forming, which will not only keep your hair looking gorgeous but save you from costly and often ineffective split end repairs. This preventative measure will avert deeper splits down the road.

Use the Right Products

It is important to use products which protect your hair, in addition to making it look beautiful and voluminous. Some products have chemicals which can strip your hair of its natural protective oils. Keep an eye out for products which include vitamins A, B, and D, which help your hair stay strong and vibrant.

Be Gentle

Human hair is very delicate and has to battle the elements more than almost any part of your body. Protect it by being gentle and avoiding harmful treatments as much as possible. While we all love hair styling, it’s no secret that hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners can damage your hair with overuse. Use these products sparingly or on a cooler setting if available, and make sure to apply serums and sprays which protect from heat damage.

Eat the Right Food

Did you know that diet has a huge impact on hair health? Protein, zinc, vitamins A, B, and D, and omega-3 fatty acids are key to vibrant and strong hair. For example, vitamin B keeps hair strong, zinc can prevent scalp flakiness, and omega-3 fatty acids are actually a component part of hair strands. Ensure you get these important nutrients by eating food like salmon, spinach, eggs, blueberries, and Greek yogurt. Yum!

With some care and attention, you can easily ensure your hair remains healthy and beautiful all year round.