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Workout Hairstyles We Can’t Live Without

Want to amp up your usual gym look? Here are a few workout hairstyles that are cute, practical, and oh-so-easy.

The Boho Braid

Boho braid hairstyle

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This is a pretty simple braid that’s perfect for the second or third day after washing. It takes less than five minutes to do once you get the hang of it! Start by taking three sections at the crown of your head. As you braid, incorporate smaller pieces of hair (instead of full sections) so you get that detailed fish tail. Pull at the sections and loosen it to give it that relaxed boho-feel, then secure the end with an elastic. You don’t really need any hair spray, it’s meant to look a little messy!

The Ponytail Braid

Khloe Kardashian wearing a a high braid hairstyle


It’s a quick training session, not your wedding days so chances are you don’t have time for an intricate braided ‘do! This is the easiest, quickest gym braid ever (even if you’re not skilled at braiding!). Scrape all your hair back into your typical high ponytail. Braid the pony and fasten it about an inch or two above the ends (we like clear, no-pull elastics but really anything will do). For a thicker, voluminous pony braid, gently tug at the loops in your hair so they’re not so tightly bound. Finish off with some hairspray to keep the plait in place — and to smooth any flyaways around your scalp.

Messy Top Knot

Messy top knot hairstyle


This a perfect (but not-too-perfect) top knot with just the right amount of messiness. Start by gathering hair into a high pony using a slinky elastic like EZ Bobbles. We like how they don’t snag and have a varying amount of tension for all types of hair. Plus they won’t leave post-workout dents or kinks. If you’re curly-haired you may want to consider using a satin scrunchie — It won’t pull or snag your curls the way elastics can.

Once your hair has been tied in place, gently pull the bun forward a little and use a bobby pin or two to secure it to the top of your head. This way, it won’t sag with gravity or flop around (AKA fall apart) while you’re running on the treadmill. (for more tips on keeping your updo UP, keep reading!) You may want to hairspray and bobby pin any flyaways as well. Alternatively, you can leave out a few shorter pieces to frame your face.

The Most Low Maintenance Haircuts EVER

Slicked Back Low Bun

meghan markle wearing a low bun hairstyle


If you’re having a particularly greasy morning (third or fourth day hair, anyone?) this is the go-to gym style for you!

To start, pull your hair back and gather it into a very low ponytail. Without tying the hair just yet, take the tail and twist it around the base of the pony. Secure the twist in place with a hair tie (and a few bobby pins if your hair is thick). You’ll now have a tight, twisted bun at the nape of your neck.

Finally, use a bit of hairspray and bobby pins to gather any smaller stray hairs that may be tickling your neck (and are definitely annoying when you’re dripping in sweat!).

For an extra slick look, spray a bit of hairspray on your fingers and then gently smooth down the top and sides of your head as well.

Get Your Hair Ready for Winter

Make Sure Your Gym Updo Stays UP!

For any kind of updo you’ll need texture so it will hold. That means starting with hair that’s not freshly washed. But if your hair is too dirty use a dry shampoo to take some of the oil away from your roots without having to wash. Our go-to is Osis+ Refresh Dust Bodifying Dry Shampoo Spray from Schwarzkopf. Also, invest in good quality elastics, not the dollar store kind! For extra hold, you can use two elastics instead of one, and for high ponies or buns add bobby pins so your style will stay in place well into your workout!

A Few Workout Haircare Tips:

Add a little moisturizing leave-in conditioner from roots to ends before you style your workout ‘do. It will re-activate once you blow dry your hair later.

If you don’t have time for a post-work out wash and blow dry, instead spritz some dry shampoo at the roots to absorb oils before starting your fitness routine. We like Gold Lust from Oribe. Afterwards, run your hands through your hair to distribute the dry shampoo throughout.

Got bangs and short on time? After you’re done working out, wash and dry your bangs, but leave the rest for later. It will freshen up your look fast!

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