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Caring for Curly Hair

Are you tired of fighting and trying to tame your curls? It’s time to embrace your gorgeous natural look and show off those bouncy waves, curls, or coils. Danforth hair salons like Bob + Paige recommend these tips for caring for your beautiful curly hair:

The Curly Girl Method

One of the key tenets of the “Curly Girl Method” is using conditioner instead of shampoo to cleanse your hair. Co-washing (short for “conditioner washing”), also known as the “no-poo method,” helps your hair stay hydrated. If you must return to using shampoo, stick with sulfate-free products to help prevent frizz.

Air Dry

Always let your hair air dry whenever possible. If you’re in a rush, use paper towels or a clean T-shirt to dry your hair after a shower instead of a towel. Towels are rough and absorbent and more likely to cause breakage and frizz. Gently squeeze your hair dry on a T-shirt or pat dry with paper towel.

Production Proportions

If you have curly hair, you need a lot less product than you think. With conditioner, you only need to use about a dollop the size of a 25 cent coin. Use about a nickel-sized amount of anti-frizz serum, and a golf ball-sized amount of mousse. Danforth hair salons stylists can offer recommendations on the best products for your hair texture.

Bottoms Up

When conditioning your hair, always start from the bottom and work your way up. This technique can help reduce frizz and avoid uneven curls. Follow the same practice when combing your hair.

Ditch the Brush

Excessive brushing can damage your fragile curls. Always use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, never a plastic or metal brush. Try to comb your hair when it’s dry, but resist doing it too often. Don’t put any more strain on your delicate hair strands than necessary.

Be Careful With Flat Ironing

If you want to switch up your look, using a flat iron can give you sleek straight hair. Just beware that routine flat ironing can have an effect on your hair’s natural curl pattern, so it shouldn’t be overused.

Trim Time

Curly hair has a tendency to become frayed as it grows out. If you have curly hair, visit Danforth hair salons at least every six to eight weeks. Your stylist will keep your curls looking happy and healthy, and can offer maintenance tips for between visits.

When you love your curls, they’ll love you back. Follow these tips and you’ll have a healthy head of hair no matter your style.