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6 Amazing Hair Care Tips

Hair is your number one fashion accessory, and small tweaks to the colour, length, or texture can completely transform your look. Caring for your hair isn’t always easy, so the stylists Toronto hair salon Bob + Paige recommend these tips to keep your hair looking gorgeous under all circumstances:

Don’t Condition Your Roots

Try only using conditioner on the lower portion of your hair and avoiding the roots. This is because the scalp around your roots produces natural oils all day long, so it doesn’t need the hydration boost provided by conditioner. Stop applying conditioner to your roots, and your hair will never look greasy.

Scalp Massage

Do you love the feeling of having your scalp massaged when you come into our Toronto hair salon for a cut and clean? Start doing it at home too! Massaging your scalp strengthens your hair roots and stimulates hair growth. All it takes is about a minute massaging your scalp in the shower every day and you’ll notice a difference.

Silk Pillow Case

People are starting to understand the benefits of a silk pillowcase for your skin, but it also benefits your hair. Not only do cotton pillowcases cause messy bed head, they sap moisture from your hair and contribute to split ends. Your hair spends hours every night touching your pillowcase, so the investment is worth it.

No-Heat Curls

You don’t need harsh heat to get stunning curls. There are many tried-and-true methods, like braiding your hair then releasing the curls, or sleeping with your hair tucked up into a headband overnight. While curling irons have their place, use these no-heat methods if you want to reduce stress on your hair.

Give Your Bobby Pins Grip

If your bobby pins always seem to slide out of place (especially if you have fine hair), try spraying them with hairspray. Let them dry for a couple minutes, and then they’re ready to use. The hairspray will give the pins a bit more grip and help them stay in place.

Comb, Don’t Brush

When you try to get tangles out of your hair with a brush, you end up pulling and tugging at your hair, which causes damage to your delicate hair strands. Give your hair a break and use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers instead. A gentle touch can work out even the most stubborn tangles.

These amazing hair care tips will keep you looking gorgeous no matter the season.