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5 Reasons You Should Grow Out Your Hair In Fall

Are you looking to make a statement this fall? Before heading to bob + paige hair salon and getting your favorite stylist to make your hair unforgettable, consider the following five reasons why you should grow out your hair in the fall. With any luck, the following reasons will help you to keep your hair and rock it throughout this beautiful season.

A Classic Fall Look

Layering hair is becoming increasingly popular this fall, perfectly matching a general fashion trend towards layers in the fall. Toned oranges, browns, purples, and faded yellows in clothing match the changing seasons and go spectacularly with longer layered hair. In addition, layered hair helps to create a “wild” look that perfectly matches the season.

Celebrities Are Rocking Longer Hair

While the boyish pixie is popular, many celebrities have instead decided to keep the hair long and find unique ways of styling it. The high ponytail made popular by Ariana Grande represents just one way to make something old new. In addition, the “all over” layers made recognizable by Karlie Kloss adds amazing volume. Finally, even old styles like bangs are coming back with Kate Middleton rocking them. With so many style options and good looks, it’s no wonder longer hair is a popular choice for fall.

Better Spring Options

If you like keeping your spring and summer hair options open, then there is nothing better than growing it out during the fall. This way, when spring arrives, you can rock any style you want without having to wait for your hair to grow out. Just talk with your hair stylist and you’ll be amazed at the stunning options available when your hair gets a little length.

Protect Against Follicle Damage

Cooler months in fall often bring about dryer weather, which can take its toll on hair. By letting your hair grow out long and getting cuts that help to keep your hair healthy, you can maintain a healthy head of hair even when faced with the dreaded “autumn shedding.” If the worst happens and your hair is in serious need of some help, then you can always cut it shorter as an emergency. However, if your hair starts out short, then there is not much you are going to be able to do except to wait for it to grow in.

Stay Warm!

If nothing else, hair can keep you and your neck warm as the temperatures begin to go down. We all know how cold and windy it can get in Toronto during October, November, and December, so every little bit of insulation is worth it.