5 Insider Secrets for Flawless Hair This Fall – Bob + Paige Salon
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5 Insider Secrets for Flawless Hair This Fall

Your hair is your crowning glory. It deserves to be flawless and look fantastic this fall. After all, winter can be harsh on your locks so you might as well whip your hair into shape now while you still have time.

  1. Skip a Wash Every Once in a While

You might have some awesome or expensive shampoos, but if you wash your hair too often you will pay the price. Hair stylists and salon professionals will tell you that washing your hair every single day is usually a bad idea. This habit strips your hair of essential oils and causes dryness, brittleness, and eventually breaking.

  1. Avoid Using Heat

Aside from just skipping a wash every now and then, it is important that you keep heat away from your hair as much as possible. Yes, you may think you need that straightener or curling iron to look good, but there are plenty of hot hairstyles that you can do without using those things. If you want fabulous hair this fall, keep it cool.

  1. Trim Those Split Ends

If the damage has already been done, no worries; there is still hope. You can always trim off those split ends and give your hair a new lease on life. Regardless of how much you baby your mane, you’re eventually going to have to get a trim from your hair stylist. Now is the time to cut those split ends, perfect the shape of your hair, and get things headed on the right track.

  1. Take a Trip to the Salon for a Refresher

Keep in mind that trimming your own hair is typically not recommended, even if styling hair is your job. You’re going to be stuck in the house all winter, so why not head to the salon before the snows come and get your hair in shape? Besides, going to a salon in the fall can help your hair look great until spring gets here and you can go again.

  1. Ask for Product Recommendations

Using a few high-quality products on your hair can help preserve its life through various styling choices. While you are at the salon, be sure to ask the stylist if he or she recommends anything in particular. No matter what, it’s probably a good idea to go home with some high-quality products to help style or protect your hair this fall.