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5 Hair Trends for 2015

If you are looking for a new hairstyle for the New Year there are plenty of options, whether you want something startling or subtle. Here are the top five hair trends for 2015:

Colour Changes

Many hair salons will definitely start suggesting colour changes that will take you into an entire new spectrum. Stars leading the charge to flip the switch on colour include Reese Witherspoon who traded in her trademark blonde for a deep, rich brunette; lovely redhead Emma Stone’s switch to blonde and Jessica Alba’s change from brunette to golden honey. So go ahead and experiment with colour!

Hair Effects

Colour is one thing, but colour effects are quite different. The popular look of ombre continues to stand out, but many are opting for a reverse ombre look going from light to dark as opposed to dark to light. Streaks that add a sun kissed look in golden hues on darker hair are also quite popular. This adds a softened look that is feminine and sexy. Babylights are also becoming more common due to their natural look.

Plaits and Braids

Plaits and braids are still the go to choice for easy styling. This look is easy for women as the messier the braid, the more stylish it appears. You can braid your hair wet at night and get the perfect, naturally loosened and messy look with zero to no effort. What could be more appealing? There are also more complicated braids and plaits such as the ever popular fishtail.

“Natural” Look

The loose and natural look of long hair was all the rage on runways for Spring 2015. This can provide a lot of freedom for women who had their hair straighteners and flattening irons attached at the hip. Anything that looks effortless be it in long or short hair offers a youthful, carefree look to hair. Boho waves are a lot easier to achieve than straight or curly hair offering a happy medium most people can achieve without too much effort.

The Blowout

Although messy and natural is in, there is also a trend towards the poofy blowout. Think classic bombshell with long, large waves that are perfectly tousled. Over the shoulder styles in blonde and brunette are very popular. However, don’t overlook the lovely redhead who is redefining what it means to be a bombshell in 2015.

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