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5 Fresh Ways To Freshen Up Your Hairstyle

Freshening up your hairstyle doesn’t have to mean doing anything too dramatic or expensive. A few simple fixes can make a big impact:

1. Flip Your Part

Rihanna’s deep side-part adds glamour and drama while keeping flyaways at bay.

Do you always part your hair along the same side? If so, your strands may have weakened and fallen flat over time. If you habitually use heat tools, the damage is even worse — you might be decreasing the porosity of your hair. This can eventually cause dry spots that will no longer be as receptive to your next colour or treatment.

Ditch the limp, lifeless part and inject some much-needed volume back into your hair! To do it, just grab a comb and part your hairline along the highest point of your eyebrow (on the opposite side your usual part, of course). If your revitalized hair needs some help settling into this new look, add a bit of finishing spray.

An added bonus? This little hair hack will disguise annoying flyaways and reduce the amount of damage they’re exposed to. Healthy hair is happy hair!

2. Grow Out Your Bangs

Hilary Duff has always been a fan of bangs: front bangs, side swept, wispy, curtain-style, she’s tried them all (and looks good doing it)!

Are you used to a certain “look” with your bangs and get the same cut year after year without thinking about it? While it’s a safe move, this can definitely play into that feeling of boredom that hits us especially hard during the long winter months.

It’s understandable that you might not want to dramatically switch up a hairstyle that you know works for your face shape and lifestyle. But the mini-version of a hair makeover is to get a little creative with your bangs instead.

Do you normally stick with side swept bangs? Experiment with wispy front bangs for a few months. Or, try playing with thicker curtain-style bangs. No matter what you decide, you can rest easy knowing the decision is easily reversible with just a few weeks’ worth of hair growth.

3. Go A Tone Darker Or Lighter

Beyoncé strays from her normally honey blonde hair to a darker shade that makes her skin tone pop.

If you’re dying to make some kind of change but would like to keep it super subtle, then tweaking your colour is the perfect way to freshen up your hairstyle. Friends and co-workers will stare a second or two longer because, although they can’t quite pinpoint what it is, they’ll definitely notice something refreshed and different about you!

Plus, if you’ve ever daydreamed of trying a drastically different colour but haven’t mustered up the courage to try it, then transitioning your colour gradually is a great strategy to ease yourself into it. It’s also the best approach for your hair’s long-term health. Win-win!

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4. Play With Textured Waves

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Zendaya’s hair is naturally curly, but you can steal this textured look just as easily for yourself!

It’s fun to change up your hair texture and doesn’t have to cost you a trip to the salon. The easiest hair hack for adding waves to your look is to braid tight sections all around your head made up of 3 pieces each. You can sleep in these braids overnight for a heat-free style…

But if you don’t have that kind of time, then run a flat iron over each braid from root to tip instead. Once the hair cools, you simply unravel the braids for beautiful beach waves. bob + paige Senior Stylist Derek Hannah says, “I used to do this a lot for fashion shows and it gives hair an interesting wave. My go-to product to thicken hair and help make it hold is Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray for the added volume and density.”

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5. Get Your Scheduled Trim!

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Hailey’s lob style always looks extra crisp thanks to regular trims.

Yes, yes, you hear this advice from your stylist every time you sheepishly step into the salon a few weeks too late. We’ve all been there. But there’s a reason your stylist urges you to drop by for a quick trim at least once every 3 months.

If you’ve stayed away from the salon because you want to grow out your hair, it’s actually your seasonal trim that will get you there faster. Why? Trims will freshen up your hairstyle by getting rid of any damaged, broken or split ends before the problem progresses further up the hair follicle. Even if you’re not particularly keen on waist-length tresses, healthy hair is still something we should all be aiming for (no matter the season)!

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