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3 Stunning Hair Styles for Prom 2016

Your senior year is finally coming to a close. There’s a lot on your mind; exams, college, travelling and of course your senior prom! The great thing about this year is that hair fashion has evolved and we are living in an almost “anything goes” type of world. Big beautiful luscious hair styles are equally as popular as sleek and slick straight hair styles. Here’s a look at three stunning hair styles for this year’s prom night that are sure to make a grand entrance and be remembered by all.

The Beehive

This style is perfect for girls with lots of flowing hair. To achieve the perfect beehive you will need a talented stylist who can maneuver the pins and hairspray and get the perfect height and depth to do this style justice. The wonderful thing about the beehive hair style is that you can dress it up with a tiara or glitzy head band, tie in the different elements of your dress and really make your hair style a statement. Be prepared to have a lot of hair pins to take out at the end of the night!

Waterfall Braid

If you want to go for a classy timeless look try incorporating a waterfall braid into your up-do. Either waterfall or simply regular braids are an elegant way to add a touch of class to any up-do. Waterfall braids go beautifully with the hair half up style and a sea of curls with the falling hair left down. A braid can be the showcase in your hair style whether it be simple or extravagant. Let your stylist direct you towards a braid up-do of your dreams.

Sleek Pull Back

You will notice a lot of celebrities are opting for a more simple but stunning statement with their hair. By simply having portions of your hair skillfully slicked back and flawlessly held in place you can make an entrance that will stop people in their tracks. If you have a sleek and silky look to your dress try to carry that trend through to your hair. Your hair stylist will be able to make your hair lay perfectly flat where it needs to and make you ready for the red carpet! This simple but spectacular style is sure to stand out.

The beauty of having a skilled stylist is that you can provide a general idea of what your ultimate dream prom hair style is and work with them to create a masterpiece you will be talking about for years.