3 Simple Holiday Hairstyles – Bob + Paige Salon
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3 Simple Holiday Hairstyles

The festive party scene is one of the few times of year the everyday lady can pull out the big guns for a full out glam look perfect to celebrate the holiday season. Here are three simple holiday hairstyles for an elegant, feminine look, ideal for seasonal parties:

Soft Curls

Soft, loose curls worn down around your shoulders or part up and part down offer a pretty, feminine look that works perfectly for the holidays. You can use a larger curling iron to get a looser, more natural looking curl or choose a slightly tighter curl that will fall out naturally over the evening. You can also tease the crown of your hair and pull it back for a retro look as well as added height. The holidays are all about sparkle so look for simple hair accessories to capture the light for a festive look that will be certain to shine.

Beautiful Bun

The bun has been in style for the past several years even for casual looks at the office or school. However when the holidays arrive it is time to take that bun to the next level. Bob + Paige Toronto hair salons are looking at classic ballerina buns with loose tresses over the face for a sexy touch. You can also look at other classic styles such as the Audrey Hepburn bun a la “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” complete with bangs and a graduated twist leading to the crown of the head.

Loose Pony

Kate Middleton has made the loose pony an elegant option ideal for any special occasion. Bob and Paige Toronto hair salons look at the loose pony from a number of angles that can work well including the extreme side part for a more sophisticated look. The low lying loose pony is elegant yet laissez faire for a more casual event. You can intertwine holiday touches such as crystal accessories or elegant pearls throughout your pony tail or opt for an elegant barrette. The straight look is a little more sophisticated and extreme whereas loose curls will add a more feminine touch that will soften your look.

To add to your holiday allure consider elegant hair accessories such as black satin bows, bow shaped barrettes with plenty of sparkle or elegant head bands with diamond like shimmer reminiscent of snow.